Astrology 2018: Message of the Day (November 15)

Written by Newsroom Staff November 15, 2018 09:00

Message of the Day – By Renooji (15.11.2018)

The world is the stage on which we all perform our parts and depart, leaving behind our
impressions.  One way of describing our life on planet Earth is to say that the world is a stage on which we all perform our part in this drama called life……. the roles given to all the participants on planet Earth, are pre-scripted except for healers who can change their parts under the umbrella of healing and thus their destiny. Like an artist on the stage, people cannot change the script relating to their parts, nor play the parts they are not allowed to, but, healers worldwide not only heal their destiny and their part but also help change the parts of others under the direct supervision of the director of the drama, the Divine Himself. Healing hugs of the healers. Love from HIM.

Chakras to heal :

Heart chakra
Lung tip chakras
Kundalini chakra
Third eye chakra

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