Astrology 2018: Message of the Day (November 16)

Written by Newsroom Staff November 16, 2018 10:00

Message of the Day – By Renooji (16.11.2018)

Our drama of life experiences are allowing us to expand our awareness and these then will manifest happiness, joy, prosperity and success for all.

The view on our life means, that, we come with predetermined destiny or fate that is based on our actions of our past lives. The theory of reincarnation, allows us to live our life, knowing that we have pre designed where we will be born, and where we will grow, with free will to choose or act . Through this understanding, using our intellect, our power of understanding and discrimination and we decide our course of life and actions. When we heal, acting righteously, in our present life, we are helping ourself to evolve to a better state of prosperity, happiness and healing frontiers of excellence. So heal all and move towards a new frontier of wellness. Healing hugs from the past, present and future. Love from the divine heart.

Chakras to heal :

Heart chakra.
Kundalini chakra
Shoulder chakras
Ankle chakras

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