Astrology 2018: Message of the Day (November 20)

Written by Newsroom Staff November 20, 2018 12:10

Message of the Day – By Renooji (20.11.2018)

Harmonising the sound of creation in the internal spheres is of absolute necessity to be aroused and synchronised with the divine wisdom.

Divine wisdom is floating as a continuous string of knowledge that is wrapping itself around the healer, arousing a symphony of knowledge that is entering each and every chakra. Just think, happiness is resting in wealth and yet, we have a wealth of supreme knowledge, yet we are only looking for material things. In deep sleep, man is devoid of possessions, including the body. Instead of being unhappy, sleeping soundly gives great joy. One must realise that we must open the store house of unalloyed happiness, as we dwell in the supreme sound of creation”OM” in our chakras and act out of supreme light guiding us through our spiritual consciousness and wisdom. Healing hugs of truth. Love from the nectar of all pervading bliss.

Chakras to heal :

108 spinal chakras.

Ankle chakras

Crown chakra

Highest crown chakra.

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