Astrology 2018: Message of the Day (November 8)

Written by Newsroom Staff November 8, 2018 11:38

Message of the Day – By Renooji (08.11.2018)

Happy Vishwakarma Diwas. (the day to honour all the instruments and appliances that we use in our daily activities.)

If at this moment you could completely calm yourself, your body, your emotions, your thoughts, you would instantly become aware of your true self, the soul,the spiritual wisdom and the great body of the universe. Throbbing with the joy of the association, awaken to the presence. Simply appreciating the gardens of flowering good qualities in all human souls. Focus on the light of love and move ahead with confidence and strength. Trust in the power of love. Exclusive and unmixed love for the Divine makes for spontaneous love for all.

Healing hugs of genuine love. Love from us all.

Chakras to heal :

Navel chakra
Meng Mein chakra
Solar plexus chakra
Kidney chakras

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