Astrology 2019: Message of the Day (January 11)

Written by Newsroom Staff January 11, 2019 07:39

The message of the Day By Renooji

As the light descends into our aura we are truly bathed in our heart. There is always a new door to open, to reinventing ourselves.

This is the time to heal worn out patterns and move ahead with the new patterns. The light is always inviting us to let go of the past. As we invite the future, we are healing to create a vibrant life that we cannot even imagine. Consider that this moment, right now, has never been experienced before and never will it be experienced in the future. When we are present in the now and experiencing our life, the struggles, the pleasures and the ever lasting relationships with the divine healing wisdom unfolding, we know that there is nothing more to be done.  Just be in this moment right now. Healing hugs of everlasting peace. Love from the river of dazzling light.


Chakras to heal :

Ankle chakras
Feet sole chakras
Lower root chakras
Lowest root chakras