Astrology 2019: Message of the Day (January 6)

Written by Newsroom Staff January 6, 2019 16:51

Message of the Day – By Renooji

Trust more in the divine grace, believe more in the healing action. Accept, have faith, in “Him”, it is “He”who can right every wrong, that has been done by you.

We do not have to defend ourselves, let the Divine be our defender. Let us give love to all. Let us rejoice as we meet our friends from the past and prove our friendship with them. As we link with all souls as “His “children, then we know no strangers. What a great sense of happiness and joy engulfs all of us. When this awakening comes into our consciousness we are in love with all. This love that we feel for all beings never dies. It grows increasingly, until we realise that in our heart is our best friend the “love “of the Divine. Unless we are united with all soul , we will not be united with the Divine. Healing hugs of divine love. Love from the heart of gold.



Chakras to heal :

108 crown chakras

1008 heart chakras

10008 third eye chakras

100008 navel chakras.