Astrology 2019: Message of the Day (January 7)

Written by Newsroom Staff January 7, 2019 16:56

Message of the Day – By Renooji


Be a healer, and not a beggar, so long as you seek gifts from the Divine for the happiness of your life, you are a beggar, when your soul seeks the healing light and association with the  Divine,  Himself, you become a true devotee, a light worker and channel.


When the mind is detached from its numerous preoccupations of the pursuit of worldly things, it begins to attach itself to the healing light. When the heart’s love, which is scattered on various objects of sense pleasures, is directed towards the single light of “His” presence in your heart, only then will we get the unending bliss. Free from fear, desire and delusion. This is the sweetest joy of healing. Healing hugs of everlasting healing consciousness. Love from “His Heart”.


Chakras to heal :

108 Heart Chakras(body)

1008 Heart Chakras( aura body)

10008 Heart Chakras( Mother Earth )

100008Heart Chakras. ( universal sphere)