Astrology 2020: Message of the Day (November 2)

Avatar Written by November 2, 2020 11:19

Message of the Day – By Renooji


Special month, special healing, and special love to spread and heal with.

The healing light is within our heart and equally present in all beings. One can oneself see the Divine through a concentrated mind and heart connection. When we cultivate our healing attitude, an equal attitude towards all objects of hearing and sight brings us to a state of complete balance to share the light with all creatures of the world. Begin to heal with complete feelings of interconnectedness. So, from today heal with equality and begin to look upon praise and blame, gold and iron, pleasure and pain, heat and cold, fortune and misfortune, kindness and unkindness, and life and death with an equal eye which opens the heart to channel the pure light. It will then be that we will be unconditionally healing all, in happiness. Healing hugs of grace. Love from the heart of the universe.

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