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Astrology 2022: Message of the Day (June 30)

A tremendous feeling of devotion!




A tremendous feeling of devotion!

We all face times when we feel stuck, overwhelmed and dissatisfied. A balanced mind is not only important for the physically active body but also for the spiritually enlightened heart. Connect to Mother Earth, connect to the Divine presence of the Light, and progress to aligning the self with the power of sharing this light and love forward. Feel responsible for making others feel safe and secure, stay in harmony with your heart desires and bring solace to your life experiences. Affirm: “  I am worthy of learning in the present moment as I let go of all past regrets and experiences.”
Healing and helping to reprogram your subconscious mind, love and heart centres, stay connected to the source of the light  and with deep conviction you will be able to create your own spiritual heart consciousness to live better and grow your own spiritual journey full of happy adventures. Healing hugs full of divine power. Love from the frontiers of grace and complete unconditional gratitude

What should I heal today?
Everything that comes up in my consciousness and all that leaves me feeling satisfied and grateful.