Daily Astrology: Message of the Day (October 16)

See the golden coins falling around you and gather them and share them with others
through the light of love.

Written by October 16, 2019 14:59

Message of the Day – By Renooji

Let’s celebrate with Sri Mahaluxmi who is the Goddess who confers wealth and auspiciousness on us today. Wealth is spreading as golden coins in our aura as we read this message.

There are so many new aspects in our life which are auspicious and the healing action begins spreading the golden coins in our world. We are fully immersed in her blessings today as we celebrate her in our world.

The eight aspects of her presence are invoked today and enshrined in our heart. These eight aspects are-
1) Adi luxmi – She appeared as wealth in the churning of the milky ocean. She bestows
good health and prosperity. (Higher Crown chakra)

2) Dhana luxmi – She is the keeper of the forests and brings wealth from rich agricultural
returns. (Root chakra)

3) Dhairya luxmi – She frees one from fear, brings courage and all the wealth that one
needs including healing. (Knee chakras/ Thigh chakras)

4) Santana luxmi – She grants the boon of children and the growth of the family. (Hara

5) Vijaya luxmi – She grants sure success in everything material and spiritual. (Kundalini

6) Vidya luxmi – She is a combination of the goddess of wealth and knowledge. She
grants excellence in all branches of knowledge. (Kidney chakras/ Third Eye chakra)

7) Gaja luxmi – Flanked by elephants who shower gold coins on her, she is the keeper
of all material progress in honesty. She is the keeper of our soul. (Heart chakra)

8) Dhana luxmi – She is the goddess of fortune. She removes poverty. (Crown chakra)

Each of these aspects can be invoked for specific healings for benefits, but the most
important aspect is that SHE (Sri Mahaluxmi) must be worshipped with Sri Mahavishnu
(Highest crown chakra / Heart chakra) as a bridal couple.
Invite them into your consciousness and repeat Sat- Chit-Anand x three times to
complete your connection and then chant eleven times “Loka Samasta, Sukhino
Bhavantu”. Healing hugs from you to all who need you. Love from the heart of your
crown to all souls connected to you.
See the golden coins falling around you and gather them and share them with others
through the light of love.