Daily Horoscope for January 12, 2019: Your zodiac sign and forecast today

Written by Newsroom Staff January 12, 2019 14:35

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

1. Aries

Life often brings surprises and makes one involved emotionally and financially, which could be detrimental to our complete well being. You will be drained and confused by the needs of others and a beautiful blue light in the aura indicates that finally you will he able to express your emotions confidentially and confidently.

2. Taurus

Allowing the self to chill out is also good for your soul and unity within the family structure brings immense pleasure finally. You will be able to share your aims and ambition with others who are willing to help you resolve any obstacles on the way forward. Continue to keep the focus and know that there is nothing that can stop you today.

3. Gemini

Financially a lucrative opportunity will come your way but depending on the help of a subordinate you will be able to convert it. Prayers should be made for the universal forces to help you convert your positive karma into actualising your highest potential. Discourage your creativity to flow towards the negative as at the end of the day you will be happy.

4. Cancer

You will be reflecting on the selfishness of society and the need born within everyone to control the other people who inspire your happiness and prosperity and success. Take some time out for recreation otherwise you will be tied up in knots with worry and negative thinking.

5. Leo

Hard work and a lot of attention in detail will inspire others to follow the line of excellence that you are setting up. Home energies are also supportive and give you extra power to create a new reservoir of strength and wisdom for all to partake. A sudden visitor could add to your happiness.

6. Virgo

You will become more conscious of how you interact with the work associates and as your interactions change so will they change towards you. As your aura is showing signs of a muddy energy, it is not a good time to move into anything new. Refrain from travelling long distances as you could end up being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

7. Libra

Challenges for people at home leave you troubled and a parent may need medical attention. Continue to reflect on your inner abilities and ideas, as there is something worth exploring within. Chances of a windfall could lead to great rejoicing the end of the day. A sibling will need advice for a marital discord.

8. Scorpio

Consolidate your finances and move ahead with vigour at having come out a winner. You are needed to help resolve your issues with the people who are willing to help you make your decisions for an international project. So be friendly, be honest and make amends. Changing attitudes of friends leave you baffled, but your love does not diminish.

9. Sagittarius

Generating new written matter for a project or a research team will be your responsibility and the quicker you submit it the better the results. There are many people around you who are generally helping you to waste time and remain unfocussed. Chant “OM” to harness your positive energies, and move away from internal conflict towards the light of reason. Financial imbalances could also be leading to stress.

10. Capricorn

A shining light of grace is coming through an international visitor, at home or at work. You will be charmed, seduced, and convinced to associate long-term businesswise and personally. Financial dealings will go well and there is plenty of entertainment at the end of the day leaving you happy and intoxicated.

11. Aquarius

Perseverance pays off and eventually the project at work that you have been pursuing comes to completion. You will be hugely satisfied with the appreciation and there will be celebrations at the end of the day. To majestically make it to the finish line and to remain ahead you will have to keep running. Keep the good things going through your journey.

12. Pisces

With all the beautiful green energies in your aura and your creativity at its highest, your emotions are heightened and you are rewarded with happiness rather than your experiences leading you to intoxicating entertainment. It is natural that your mind may be cluttered but your thoughts will moving you to take some important decisions regarding the family.