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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (August 12)




1. Aries

“Know that others who are pleased with you will continue to work for your future happiness, and will step out of their way to show you their love. Be more upbeat and happy with your relationships and experience a new wave of socialising. Friends are loyal to you. Positive financial dealings will bring you to a major breakthrough in a project dear to you.”

2. Taurus

“Visualise what bothersome patterns could affect your life and change direction. There is someone who is looking out for your financial betterment but you have some trust issues. Be more upbeat and positive while you negotiate a property deal. There could be many people involved with their own ideas in a project that is eventually your entire responsibility.”

3. Gemini

“Stepping back from your responsibilities does not come easy to you, but, there could be a family situation that will need your time and attention. Be patient with your emotions. You have done a lot of work and today you will be recognised for your efforts. Connect to your old friends and mates and find time to emotionally and spiritually connect to their needs.”

4. Cancer

“You will know all the options but you will still wait for others to take decisions to make sure that your happiness is truly in place. A loved one is stepping out of the comfort zone to plan a surprise. Take into consideration your tight schedule before you promise more than you can deliver.”

5. Leo


“Socially acceptable to others you will be watchful of people’s thoughts and behaviour. You will over-commit, but still, you will be watched for your performance or interference. All is very strongly concentrated in the way you are taking decisions and your thoughts are always connected to the financial aspect of development. Stay and work hard.”

6. Virgo­­­

“Someone is definitely objecting to the way things are happening but finally you are the one who makes the decisions and that is what finally matters. Something you do might go against the financial investments and this may end up destabilising your way forward. Cooperative actions will help you complete your tasks at hand efficiently.”

7. Libra

“Although there are signs that things are going well but you have a hunch about things and you need to be calm before you get tough. Remain confident but don’t complicate your life by confronting others or getting into a complicated situation. Continue sending out all your emails to harness a new business venture.”

8. Scorpio

“There can be some misunderstandings that will be beneficial in the long run. Be careful with your health and stop your attitude of carelessness towards your life, taking care does not come easily to you. Getting a long life ahead with time to change your mind brings you some new levels of success.”

9. Sagittarius

“Explore your spiritual side and gain strength to move ahead. Remain confident but don’t hesitate from moving away from conflict. There are many people in your environment who are willingly helping you to accomplish what you bargained in life, and this leaves you feeling enthusiastic about yourself and your work.”

10. Capricorn

“Expansion of opportunities for the future brings you to the edge of a great job with the success gently following you. Expansion of the light is following you and there is much that people admire about you. Just be visually appealing and know that things are falling in place. Choose to be a strong friend over being a romantic.”

11. Aquarius

“You are open to expanding your knowledge, and there will be new patterns of communication opening up with someone far away that leads to new business. You are charming and affectionate with your family and your experiences with the family lead to a new plan that supports you financially.”

12. Pisces

“Work hard and know that the research that you have done in the immediate past will help create happiness and prosperity. Changing your attitude towards your relationships with your family support will lead to a harmonious life. Be patient with the family and celebrate life.”