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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (March 19)

Getting the money from someone will prove to be easy.





1. Aries


“As the creative aura is expanding and throwing out a gentle light, the new desires will continue to grow and your new visions with decisions you make will be full of strength and forward thinking. Changes in the future are all beneficial to you and the family.”

2. Taurus


“The work circumstances and joint life experiences are truly important for your spiritual consciousness and progress. Spend time together with your family to feel secure. Tolerating the stress is not going well with your family life, and the ongoing journey with the family is all about them needing money.”

3. Gemini


“Some of the best and most successful days you have had, have been when you have surprised people with your element of human strategy. Getting the money from someone will prove to be easy. Don’t get too aggressive or noisy as you are strategising to bring someone to the table after a long effort of persuasion.”

4. Cancer


“Your family role also need your attention and time. You are the one, people will come to for assistance and help today. Expanding your knowledge can be the path you take to gorge your way ahead for the betterment of life circumstances and prosperity. Just be proactive at the workplace to relax later in the day without guilt.”

5. Leo


“You are very strong in the heart and mind and compassion will be the emotion that sees you through even while you feel that you are doing all the work. Stop feeling sorry for your self as life is very good. The experiences and situations that you will encounter with your relationships will make you sad.”

6. Virgo


“There will be the need of the hour to collaborate in silence to win the opposition. Identify opportunities that are coming up and move forward with conviction that they work in your favour. Expand your relationships with knowledge and move ahead without trauma today.”

7. Libra


“You will visit a place that you are inquisitive about or you want to explore. Right now it will be up to you to take the lead to make sure that deadlines are met and financial resources are used properly. Enable yourself to manifest happiness and move ahead to create a new portal of excellence for yourself.”

8. Scorpio


“Spread your wings and explore all the possibilities. You will be extremely happy with the results you are getting in the office. Tension has mounted and the pressure will remain, all you can do is remain calm as it could lead to a new opponent getting the better of you.”

9. Sagittarius


“Opportunities are all around you and yet today you will fail to maximise yourself and your potential. You are about to change your attitude towards your relationships with others and people who love you unconditionally will be more supportive towards your success.”

10. Capricorn


“You may feel exhausted today and some body pain which may exhaust your ability to think and work. Stressful situations on the career front shall ease out and you will be in a comfortable environment with your life experiences. Those indulging in calculated speculations can benefit.”

11. Aquarius


“There will be a new experience in the future of the day but you will be satisfied only when you get appreciation. There is a little bit of anger in your aura but you need to control it or it could lead to headaches or discomfort with the health.”

12. Pisces


“Getting upset or worrying about things could keep you engaged in unnecessary stress for others who have been specifically constructed for the work that needs to be done. Gather your wit and love for your success will keep you satisfied with the results in your favour.”


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