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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (May 9)

Gather the accolades you have achieved and you are very valuable to your life partner. Worries about your life ahead are disappearing.




Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for 09.05.2022 (all 12 signs)


“Your great achievements will bring you happiness and prosperity to flow through the journey ahead with compassion for your loving family and friends. Just reflect on your mind that you know that you will inspire others’ behaviour. Calmly sit back and let others do things for you.”

2. Taurus

“You intuitively know the right things to say today to remain in the picture of things happening at work. There is a constant input of ideas that could help you to harness your spiritual consciousness which is your strength to success. Love your life and your family.”

3. Gemini

“Do not be afraid about your relationships with others and allow others to see who you really are. Your own inner need for change and growth may be threatened by circumstances surrounding you but they are only visual threats. Just do your work honestly and move ahead.”

4. Cancer

“There is a satisfaction at a work well done. A friend may come to you with their problems, and it will be your responsibility to find an amicable solution. You may not be happy with your financial investments up till now and you may want to get expert advice.”

5. Leo

“Your exceptional ability to see the truth will be very valuable at work today. There are many loop holes in the presentation and they need to be tightened. Commendable is your effort to put broken relationships in the family back together. You will be appreciated.”

6. Virgo

“You want to be your own boss, but there are many responsibilities that are your personal choice. Gather the accolades you have achieved and you are very valuable to your life partner. Worries about your life ahead are disappearing. Relaxed and loving, you are truly enjoying yourself today.”

7. Libra

“Listen to what your inner heart is telling you. The voice within has wisdom that you are unleashing for the welfare of all around you. You could become rather cranky, as the work pressure is strongly growing. You are more attractive when you are living and working with compassion. You could be stuck in an old pattern that changes today.”

8. Scorpio

“Do something that you have not done before and move towards actually using your mind for the benefit of the weak. Slowly, next week, things will be better and then you will have not only found but it will be something reliable as not one to be outdone.”
• 9. Sagittarius
“Your intuitive faculties will be sharpened today and you will be happy with the guidance. Just take care to keep your anger in check as you will lose vital energies if expressed and strength that you lose is that which you need for yourself to succeed. Creative expression with people younger than you bargained for, will help.”

10. Capricorn

“Your professional concerns are helping you open up to new people. The society will be truly supportive of your work and the finances are also growing. You will have good fortune to invest in a new project or business venture and the decision is inevitable.”

11. Aquarius

“You will find yourself in a very pensive and stay at home mood but the time is to network and make the work happen. Use this day to get focussed. Career decisions need to be made with a clear mind. Unusual opportunities will come your way later today to enhance your portfolio.”

12. Pisces

“Happiness is generating a very strong aura presence of compassion awakened towards your family. Changes in the future journey inspire you to take charge and show your strength of steel. Parents’ health could be worrisome. Relax after a hard day but stay away from intoxicants.”