Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (October 2)

This is a great day to discuss business and to put forth ideas to make more money. Changes in the people and the attitude of camaraderie among each other will help things along.

Written by October 2, 2019 13:19

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

1. Aries

Family discussions will end well as there will be a conclusive plan and lots of affection and love to spread around. You are continuously improving your life experiences but there is someone in the family who is definitely not paying attention to your happiness or needs and thus is troubling you. Be patient and silent.

2. Taurus

Sharing some deep feelings in a moment of weakness could lead to you being involved in some gossip. Similarly, there could be a social gathering or a club event that would be beneficial in the long run but you could ruin it by exposing the vulnerable side of your personality.

3. Gemini

You are very clearly sorting out your emotional sentiments and rationally making people around you aware of your needs. Growing and bonding in a relationship with a greater connection with the work leaves you satisfied. You are definitely going to be better off with your finances as you are withholding spending.

4. Cancer

The more you give the more you shall get. So, beginning today there will be a lot more sharing of personal time and money and things. Remain aware of what goes around comes back to us. So, attract only that which you truly want. Reliable and efficient service and staff will support your efforts and work.

5. Leo

Life is getting faster by the day and you are definitely looking at changing your pace as well. Financially you will inspire your creativity to flow through and some new investment plans will continue to augment your income. Your life mission is to do something extraordinary and today begins this new energy of great insight.

6. Virgo

You will find it easier to make money and talk about it today. Channel what you earn into positive energy and investment and you will feel happy. In fact, working towards an end goal will leave you feeling happy. Amazing feedback from the universe about your excellence and your success at work will leave you very happy.

7. Libra

The most dynamic and creative part of your relationships with your work life and success in all your work leads you to come full circle. Just be patient with your family, knowing that you are super-efficient they have a habit to pile all the work upon you. Be careful of your speech as you could be rude to someone who matters a lot.

8. Scorpio

It is natural to feel a little unsure of the others involved in the work. Continue to listen to all the inputs and still in confidence go beyond expectation and line of duty to create a new model of excellence. The world is so much bigger than the concept that you have, open up to new possibilities.

9. Sagittarius

You will feel romantic and will romanticise about life and the philosophy of living and living well in the now. Travel and work will go hand in hand with your family feeling secure that you will do your best to support them. Consider for a moment all that you can change about your life and then get started.

10. Capricorn

Life seems to be getting better ahead with your relationships with others improving. Don’t let fear hold you back as you are secure and surrounded by friendly helpful people today. You will be able to keep up with all the changes taking place around you and then there is only progress ahead.

11. Aquarius

This is a great day to discuss business and to put forth ideas to make more money. Changes in the people and the attitude of camaraderie among each other will help things along. You will be happy to travel and find time to do the work internationally, and yet you will get tired with small chores.

12. Pisces

You are feeling very passionately about the divine heart and your spiritual sentiments, but work also needs special attention. Be honest with those who have the power to upset you and gently move forward as you look for solutions and move forward for the general good of the family. You will be pleasantly surprised by the visit of an old friend.