Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (October 20)

You do not like changes but your life is in a flux of change, and somewhere you are enjoying the adventure and the new light that comes with it.

Written by October 20, 2019 13:40

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

1. Aries

Going into the history of your past does not rest easy. It seems as if you have been there for
your past experiences to learn with your relationships and not for the work that you are
putting out there smartly. Connecting to old friends and spending quality time together
makes you happy.

2. Taurus

Pleasant days of togetherness bring you to a space of wanting freedom and aloneness. You
are continuously changing your mind about yourself and your experiences with unfolding
compassion and mindfulness really puts you into a new place where you can absorb and
take in the changes.

3. Gemini

A small obstacle to your progress should not make you more aware about all the things that
can go wrong. Cheer up as you are in the realm of a brand new energy that takes you to the
heights of success. Other achievements compensate your mood and your willingness to

4. Cancer

Is it really in everyone’s best interest to speak up as the energies are going through a lot
more than you bargained for. You will end up claiming your destiny and it will be everyone’s
best interest. Being aggressive is the only way you can achieve your goals, but, the stars
warn that you have to be careful of your health.

5. Leo

You are in the learning curve and you will be able to accomplish your goals in the shortest
possible time. Just be careful of all that you aren’t aware of right now. Continue to nurture
relationships and experiences with family as you are much loved. Continue to expand your
life goals ahead with confidence.

6. Virgo

Consider that you are slowly becoming more aware of your beauty and charisma. People
are attracted to you. The only thing you have to watch out for is that you can not afford to be
arrogant. Be humble and loving towards all the people at work and at home.

7. Libra

Marking your territory for the betterment of life and prosperity is good but to show it off as
arrogance will only make people distance themselves from you. Be tolerant of people who
you do not understand and know that you will not allow them to become your enemies.

8. Scorpio

Before you decide to speak let it be clear that you are in the right mood. Consider
whether you are really doing things in everyone’s interest or are you going to be
misunderstood. Be tolerant of people who cannot understand. Bring aggressive
someone will put you off and it could also lead to money loss, so stay in command of
your mind and tongue.

9. Sagittarius

Don’t let fear and helplessness retard your growth as you are in the middle of an opulent
time and all your work will be done with the success of your projects taking top priority.
Continue to be balanced and take on the role of managing and sorting out differences
among the family members.

10. Capricorn

You do not like changes but your life is in a flux of change, and somewhere you are
enjoying the adventure and the new light that comes with it. Continue to base your
decisions on the future of your investments and you will be beneficial for your family.

11. Aquarius

Don’t let good opportunities slip away just because you are not focused on your
relationships with others. If you do say something harsh to someone, be aware and rectify
the damage by apologising and definitely stay away from incorrect assumptions. There is a
right way to do things and you must stay on that path.

12. Pisces

Advancing the power of excellence, you are slowly becoming a stronger person. There are
lots of financial impediments in your mind that you need to change. Create your personality
with compassion and creativity, moving towards your future journey with happiness rather
than your mind telling you that things are wrong.