Peugeot 208 caught testing in India

Written by June 4, 2017 16:05

New Delhi, June 4: The PSA Group has begun testing three of its Peugeot brand of vehicles, the 3008 and the 2008 crossovers and the 208 hatchback.

The PSA Group has confirmed the brand’s entry in the Indian car market by 2020, and have tied up with CK Birla Group for production in Tamil Nadu with the factory capacity at 100,000 units per annum.

The Peugeot 208 hatchback was unveiled in 2012 and is based on the PSA PF1 platform. The 2008 crossover, which was unveiled in 2013, is also based on the PSA PF1 platform. The 3008 is the newest of the lot; the second generation was unveiled only last year and took home the European car of the year award for 2017.