Petrol reaches Rs 83.85/litre, Diesel at Rs 75.25/litre in Delhi

Written by October 2, 2018 21:10

New Delhi: Fuel prices continued to increase on Tuesday, burdening the common man. Petrol was priced at Rs 83.85 per litre in the national capital whereas diesel’s price reached to Rs 75.25 per litre.

Petrol price cut by 20 paise a litre

The record breaking upward movement of fuel prices was more pronounced in other parts of the country as Delhi has the lowest tax amongst the four major metros. Petrol was priced at Rs 91.20, Rs 85.65 and Rs 87.18 per litre in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, respectively, on Tuesday.

Petrol in Delhi was at Rs 83.73 on Monday whereas it was Rs. 91 per litre in Mumbai, as per data on the Indian Oil Corp website.

Prices of diesel were Rs 77.10, Rs 79.89 and Rs 79.57 per litre in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, respectively, on Tuesday.

The increase in transport fuel rates is due to increasing crude oil prices. Currently, Brent crude oil is priced over $83 per barrel.

The high domestic fuel prices are also attributed to the high rate of excise duty across the country.

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