WATCH| Cong Counsellor forces BJP MP to apologise for calling Rahul ‘Pappu’

Written by Newsroom Staff December 3, 2018 14:30

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, BJP MP Devajibhai Govindbhai Fatepara was forced to apologise for calling Congress President Rahul Gandhi ‘pappu’ by a counsellor in Rajasthan.

Ugly spat between BJP MP Devajibhai Govindbhai Fatepara (R) and Cong Counsellor Sita Damre (L)

The incident took place in Banswara area of Rajasthan’s Gujrat Surender Nagar where Devjibhai had gone for an election campaign.

During that campaign, Congress Counselor of Ward 36, Sita Damre confronted the MP and asked him to first repair the pits on the road. In reply, Devjibhai said: “Ask your pappu to do it”.

BJP MP Devajibhai Govindbhai Fatepara

Infuriated at the comment, Sita Damre yelled: “How dare you to call Rahul Gandhi as pappu”.

Following this, an ugly spat broke out between the two. The argument ended with the BJP MP apologizing for the comment to the public.

Watch the video here 

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