Kohli’s call to Anushka after IPL match is winning hearts on Twitter

Mumbai: During the Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab match, Anushka Sharma was in attendance cheering on for her husband Virat Kohli and also spotted blowing kisses at him.

Soon after the match, Kohli was seen calling out for his wife Anushka Sharma. The 15-second video of the duo, where Kohli and Anushka are seen on phone and probably talking to each other, is going viral.

It is quite adorable to see how even in the noisy environment, Kohli is looking out for his wife.

An Instagram user grabbed the moment on his/her mobile and posted it on social media. The video is going viral and the user captioned it saying, “Thisss my heart They both are so eager to meet each other ♥️

This candid moment caught the eyes of many who were present at the venue.

At one point of the match, Virat took a catch and Anushka acknowledged it with a flying kiss.

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