Meghalaya wonders in Bollywood – Fame The Band

Written by June 2, 2019 17:44

Lets Start – Are you ready, to have an orgasmic experience, via words. Don’t worry it is not an erotic story 😏.

A few days ago, a brand new Web series landed on our screens, created by MX player – Thinkistan – Idea Jiska – India Uska. You see, The tagline of the series begged me to not make story boring. Thinkistan is a must watch web series right now, recommended to watch while traveling a long distance, like on train and bus. Not the car if you are driving. You must binge watch it, once you lose engagement, I doubt you would finish it. Music and Background score is definitely trippy enough to keep you engaged ( only if you have a taste in music). Music, the masterpiece of this series is created by Anirudh. Who? Nobody knows and cares about him (Anirudh). My research team (me and Google) gave up on him. This is not about him, it never was, it is about Fame the band and the guys who helped create the masterpiece, the music of this series.


Two guys of the band, guitarist Mikkimra Shira, his brother and part of the band Mark Shira are the magician for this magic, or the right word is musicians. What? Who the hell are they? Good question. My research team (me and Google), Hold on, why don’t you google them. Google ‘Fame the Band’.

Ok! Lazy people, Fame the band is Alternative Pop-Rock band consists of 3 dudes and one Girl. She is the vocalist and captain of the house. “Formed in 2013, Fame The Band comprises vocalist Fame Sangma, guitarist Mikkimra Shira, bassist Tengsam Momin, and drummer Mark Shira. All the members knew each other. Mikkimra and Mark are brothers .” The year 2017 saw their debut and uprising in the pop circuit of Meghalaya. Fame The Band: Nouns – the debut album. Around 10 songs which you must add in your playlist, for your next road trip. Not really sure about adding it in your road trip playlist but, tracks are worth listening. As for now the real hero of the series is music, the only thing which will help you finish Thinkistan. Also, check out tracks by Fame the band.

The real question, what is with the heading? They are wonders of Meghalaya – True and if you continue showering love on these guys soon they will invade Bollywood, which really doesn’t interest them. Loss of Bollywood but, they are creators of good music which matters. So the heading of the story is future envisioned by the writer.


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