Amit Shah lambasts Mamata for ‘banning’ BJP’s rath yatra, says it will only enrage people

Written by Newsroom Staff December 7, 2018 16:37

New Delhi: BJP President Amit Shah on Friday made a scathing attack on Mamata Banerjee for denying permission to BJP rath yatra in the state and claimed that TMC government was frightened of BJP’s expansion in the state, thus trying to put curbs on rally.

“I can understand her fear (of declining public support). But I have no solution for it… This is the public’s decision… to support the BJP,” Amit Shah said.

Amit Shah lambasts Mamata for banning BJP’s Rath Yatra, says it will only enrage people

Amit Shah said that Mamata government is apprehensive of BJP making inroads into the state and thus ‘throttling democracy’ but it won’t succeed in such endeavour.

“She is losing sleep over the BJP’s expansion in the state,” he said.

‘Mamata can’t stop BJP in Bengal’

Yesterday, the Calcutta High Court had agreed with West Bengal government’s decision to impose ban on rath yatra on the grounds that it anticipated ‘communal tension’.

Following this, BJP has decided to put on hold Amit Shah’s rally and proposed rath yatra in the state.

The BJP has planned 3 ‘rath yatras’ in the state, including the one in Cooch Behar, covering most of the parliamentary seats and 294 assembly constituencies over the next one-and-a-half months.

Similar marches, aimed at expanding party’s footprint ahead of 2019 elections, have been planned in Gangasagar on December 9 and in Tarapith on December 14.

Shah’s advice to Mamata

After castigating Didi on her ‘attempt to strangulate democracy in the state’, the BJP chief also had a piece of advice for the TMC chief.

“She didn’t ask for it… yet I will give her some advice… Stopping the BJP yatra will not help her but will only make people more angry,” he said.

The BJP has put sharp focus on non-BJP ruled states for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. Bengal, which sends 42 lawmakers into Parliament, has been on BJP radar with the party setting its eyes on at least 22 seats.

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