Crucial verdict in Sant Rampal case today; security tightened in Hisar

Hisar: Security has been tightened and rail services to Hisar from different parts of the country have been stopped in view of a crucial verdict in Sant Rampal Satlok Ashram case scheduled to be pronounced on Thursday.

What was the Sant Rampal Case?

Twelve years ago Rampal spoke negatively about a few parts of Arya Samaj which led to violent clashes between the two sects. His followers started firing at the villagers in Rohtak, Haryana. This led to the death of one and 59 others were injured. Following the incident, Rampal was charged with murder and was arrested in 2006.

Verdict in Sant Rampal Satlok Ashram case scheduled to be pronounced on Thursday

He was given bail in 2008 but failed to appear before the court in 2014. When police reached his Satlok Ashram, his supporters formed a protective ring around him to prevent police from arresting him. This lead to a two-week standoff between the police and his over 15,000 followers. The Satlok Ashram followers had even declared that the police will have to shoot down 100,000 of his followers.

Steps taken to prevent any mishap this year

In order to maintain law and order situation, the operation of trains from different parts of Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana to Hisar has been stopped.

At least 1300 police jawans from the state and 700 others from the neighbouring states have been summoned to Hisar.

Para-military forces and Rapid Action Force (RAF) jawans have also been kept on standby.

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