Will feel proud to tell success story of 125 crore Indians in Davos: PM Modi

Avatar Written by January 19, 2018 22:04

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the world wants to hear “directly from the horse’s mouth” about India’s policies and growth potential and he will feel proud to tell the success story of 125 crore Indians in Davos

Days before his first visit to Davos for the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting, Modi told Zee News in an interview that India has made a mark globally and there is a need to reap the benefits.

Stating that India’s economy is growing rapidly and it has been recognised by the world, including all rating agencies, Modi said Davos is a “good opportunity” for the country as it is a big market with the strength of demographic dividend.

“The country is seeing the biggest jump in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). It is natural that the world wants to talk directly to India and the world wants to hear directly from the horse’s mouth about India’s policies and potential. It matters if you hear it from the leader,” Modi said.

While terming the Davos meet as the global economy’s biggest congregation of businessmen, financial institutions and policymakers, the Prime Minister said he has not been able to go there so far.

Key points of PM Modi’s interview:

– Criticism is important in a democracy. We have less criticism, more allegations. They said my understanding was limited to Gujarat. I made it my strength. I did not follow protocol. I was a simple man with no baggage. I made friends the world over

– India’s growth in economic reforms has been tremendous. The country’s economic growth has gone up in the last few months

Every time I stand beside world leaders like Putin or Trump, all I remember is that I am the representative of 1.15 crore citizens. They have given me the mandate to be here

– Good things should be appreciated and bad things should be denounced – that’s the role of democracy

– We should not be limited to few things but continue everything with a positive attitude, Modi said on new world order and PTM (Putin-Trump-Modi)

– Lakhs of women would cook food on firewood. But today gas connection has reached so many homes. Government is providing insurance to poor families in 90 paise and over so far, over 90 crore families have availed it

– LED bulbs have been installed across lakhs of homes across India. All this doesn’t count as work?

– During UPA time, no issues of states were taken up. Hence, we were forced to take economic and monetary reforms. GST is the product of that. We have worked hard towards building the concept of one nation-one tax

This is my conviction, the country doesn’t vote for governments. It is up to us how we make our citizens empowered, women empowered and work towards ease of living

– (On his recent assembly election campaigns) I have campaigned across the country even when I was a Chief Minister. What’s new in this?

– I want my nation to utilize me to the fullest, squeeze the most out of me. I am ready to put in my full

State’s 80 to 100 top officers are acting as elections observers. How will the state function? Elections absorb massive manpower. Soldiers are on election-duty for 100-200 days in a year

– Our idea is to create a planned election system. The polling could be held in a certain week across the country at one time

– On jobs and employment, PM said, “EPF figures are not wrong – based on Aadhaar numbers, age etc. In one year 1 lakh people have come onboard according to EPF”. 10 crore people have benefited from ‘Mudra yojana’

So many new-age entrepreneurs have come onboard the system. If someone opens a ‘fried snacks’ shop in front of your office, does that not count as employment. The person’s daily earning of Rs 200 will never come into any books or accounts. The truth is massive people are being employed and we are on the right track