Hooked on ‘Hookup:’ How this IAF officer was lured into leaking info to ISI

New Delhi: The charge sheet filed by the Delhi police against an IAF officer accused of sharing information with a Pakistan spy goes on to suggest that the entire modus operandi has moved digital.

A Delhi police official, part of the probe informed that the older modus operandi of setting a trap with women has been completely stopped. The risk factor involved is higher and hence the entire operation has moved digital.

In the charge sheet filed against Group Captain Arun Marwaha, the Delhi police say that the trap was first laid on chat site called ‘Hookup.” This site has become a popular mode to trap officials and is considered to be extremely safe. The ISI and the Chinese agents both have been using this site for over a year now.

The charge sheet also notes that once he was on the chat site, he began having chats with the ISI agent. The chats were explicit in nature, the charge sheet also says. Once he fell trap then the agent started blackmailing him. He had fallen into a trap in late 2017, following which he began sharing details.

The toughest part for the investigation agency was to crack the chat transcripts. Most of the information obtained was through investigation. The chat transcripts on ‘Hookup’ get automatically deleted once the person logs out and hence it is a very popular tool for the spy agencies to set a honey trap.

Facebook and Android phones

The probe agency, however, managed to recover some of the chats transcripts when he conversed through Facebook. While tracking the location the IP address was traced to Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala when he was on official work. It was found that he was chatting with two persons called Kiran Randhawa and Mahima Patel who had sent him a friend request. The requests were sent after the agent had trapped him on ‘Hookup,’ first.

He had shared some sensitive information with the ISI. The agency found that he had given details on an India-Bangladesh-Sri Lanka para drop exercise that took place in Thiruvananthapuram in March 2018.

Further, he had also spilled out details of Gagan Shakti. This was a para refresher training programme. Information on the flypast of January 26, 2018, was also shared.

The entire operation remained undercover and none got wind of it. However, it was his extensive use of smartphones which got the military intelligence suspicious. He was trailed and even asked several times the need to carry so many smartphones into office. Finally, when their doubts were cleared, the officer was picked up and then handed over to the Delhi police.

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