India Air Force backs Rafale deal, gives 10-point defence in its favour

Written by September 12, 2018 14:43

New Delhi: Indian Air Force Chief Birender Singh Dhanoa on Wednesday said that Government of India procured Rafale jets and S-400 missiles to enhance IAF’s capability. He also justified the inter-government deal in the case by quoting precedence.

India Air Force backs Govt on Rafale deal, gives 10-point defence in its favour Few days before, vice-chief of the Air Force SB Deo gave a strong endorsement to Rafale fighter jets, saying it will give India an ‘unprecedented’ combat advantage.

Launching yet another round of defence for multi-million Rafale deal, IAF Air Marshal SBP Sinha today gave a 10-point defence in its presentation and showed how the 2016 deal was better than the earlier one, signed in UPA regime.

Below is the detailed defence presented by the Air Marshal which shows there is not much substance in allegations raised by Opposition parties as such a deal wouldn’t have been possible in any formulation other than a government-to-government arrangement, indicating that the earlier process was faulty.

“No nation faces the kind of grave threat that India does”

No country in the world is facing the kind of “grave threat” that India is confronted with, Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa said today, stressing just how crucial the Rafale deal is, to the Indian Air Force.

Can BJP pull off the 2019 poll battle riding on Modi charisma?Addressing a seminar in Delhi, Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa said, “the intentions of adversaries can change overnight,” and India needs to be prepared for such an eventuality.

The air chief justified procurement of only two Rafale jet squadrons, saying there were example of similar purchases.