Rahul may take over as Congress Prez after Diwali, says Sachin Pilot

Written by October 1, 2017 19:50

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi may take over as Congress president soon after Diwali, said party leader Sachin Pilot on Sunday.

The general sentiment in the Congress is that it is time for Gandhi to take charge and lead from the front, Sachin Pilot said.

“Organisational elections of the Congress are under way and the new president could take over shortly after Diwali. It is something that has been in the pipeline for a long time,” Pilot told PTI in an interview.

He pointed out that Gandhi had been handling “a lot of work” as the vice-president, but the party believed “this (Gandhi’s elevation) should happen in due course and the time has come for it to happen”.

On BJP’s criticism that the Congress is based on Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, Pilot said several people in the party were from political families.

It may be noted that Rahul, during his recent tour to United States, had said that he was willing to take over as Congress president while noting that it is decision the Grand Old Party has to make.

Speaking on accusations that Congress promotes dynasty in politics, Pilot said belonging to a political family might help someone initially but it could not guarantee progress unless backed by performance.

“Belonging to a family that has been in politics should not be treated as a disqualification,” he said.

Ultimately, he said, success depended on performance.

“If you perform and win the hearts of people through work, delivery and performance, then it will decide. The mere last name will only take you so far,” said Pilot, the son of late Union minister and Congress heavyweight Rajesh Pilot.