Mukesh Ambani launches Jio Phone ‘India ka Smartphone’

Written by July 21, 2017 12:29

Mumbai: Reliance Industries Limited Chairman Mukesh Ambani today addressed the company’s 40th Annual General Meeting.


– In just 4 decades, Reliance has grown from a small startup to one of the largest companies in the world: Mukesh Ambani

– RIL turnover up 4,700 times to over Rs 330000 cr in 40 years; profit grows 10,000 times to Rs 30000 cr: Mukesh Ambani.

– Our total assets have increased from 33 crores to over 700,000 crores and a multiple of over 20,000 times: Mukesh Ambani

– Above all, market capitalization has multiplied from ten crores to over five lakh crores: Mukesh Ambani

– This year marks the 40th anniversary of our IPO: Mukesh Ambani

– Rs 1,000 investment in 1977 is today worth Rs 16.5 lakh: Mukesh Ambani

– I want to dedicate these 40 years of achievements and records to our founder Chairman Shri Dhirubhai Ambani: Mukesh Ambani

– No Indian corporate expanded so fast in scope, scale, size & service: Mukesh Ambani

– Jio acquired 100 million customers in 170 days: Mukesh Ambani

– Since the launch of Jio, data consumption has gone up from 20 crore gigabits per month to 120 crore gigabits a month: Mukesh Ambani

– Now, Jio customers alone are consuming over 125 crore GB of data a month, including 165 crore hours high-speed video every month making Jio the largest mobile video network: Mukesh Ambani

– Indeed, India has overtaken the US and China in mobile data usage: Mukesh Ambani

– Before Jio’s launch, India was 155th in the world in mobile broadband penetration

– It took 25 years for our competitors to build 2G network. Jio will have created a larger 4G network in just 3 years: Mukesh Ambani

– Jio has broken one world record after another: Mukesh Ambani

– Out of 78 crore mobile phones in India, 50 crore feature phone users left out of digital revolution: Mukesh Ambani

– Today, Jio is going to reinvent the conventional feature phone. Let me introduce India ka Intelligent SmartPhone: Mukesh Ambani

– On the Jio Phone, voice will ALWAYS be free: Mukesh Ambani

– Starting 15th August this year, I am declaring DIGITAL FREEDOM for all feature phone users: Mukesh Ambani

– Jio will give them access to UNLIMITED DATA on the Jio Phone: Mukesh Ambani

– If these users were to consume a similar quantity of data on other operator’s network, they would spend Rs 4,000

– 5,000 per month Jio will provide this at ONLY Rs 153 per month, that is one-thirtieth, 3% of the existing price: Mukesh Ambani

– But that’s not all. There is ONE MORE THING. You may want to know how much the Jio Phone will cost: Mukesh Ambani

– Today, I am delighted to announce that Jio Phone will be available to all Indians for an effective price of – Rs 0: Mukesh Ambani

– To protect against misuse of the free Jio Phone offer we plan to collect a fully refundable, one-time, security deposit of Rs 1,500 with every Jio Phone: Mukesh Ambani

– From 15th August, 2017, all Indians will have access to the highest quality & quantity, affordable & unlimited data: Mukesh Ambani

– This is how Jio will end the digital exclusion in India. And this is what I call true digital freedom: Mukesh Ambani

– Reliance dedicates JioPhone to the nation on the joyous occasion of [email protected], 70th anniversary of India’s Freedom: Mukesh Ambani

– Digital Life will no longer be the privilege of the affluent few: Mukesh Ambani

– Reliance democratized the equity culture in the past. Now, Jio will democratize the digital culture in India: Mukesh Ambani

– Jio will be the greatest accelerator of the Bharat-India connectivity: Mukesh Ambani

– The JioPhone will be available for user testing in beta from 15th August and for pre-booking from 24th August: Mukesh Ambani

– Reliance democratized the equity culture in the past. Now, Jio will democratize the digital culture in India: Mukesh Ambani

– Jio will be the greatest accelerator of the Bharat-India connectivity: Mukesh Ambani

– The JioPhone will be available for user testing in beta from 15th August and for pre-booking from 24th August: Mukesh Ambani

– From last quarter of 2017, all JioPhones will be made in India. We are targeting to have 5 million JioPhones a week: Mukesh Ambani

– JioPhone will make the 2G feature phone obsolete. With this, I am sure Jio will set a new world record: Mukesh Ambani

– Jio is a young organization and Akash and Isha, our Directors, both 25, lead a large contingent of highly talented professionals: Mukesh Ambani

– I want to publicly thank all Jio employees and applaud their contribution to our company, and our nation: Mukesh Ambani

– As Reliance marches towards its Golden Jubilee, today we commence our Golden Decade: Mukesh Ambani

– We will always live by your ideals, vision & values and build a New India of Dhirubhai’s dream: Mukesh Ambani

– This is our solemn commitment. And this is my promise to all of you: Mukesh Ambani

– The net profit of Rs 29,901 crore is the highest in the Indian corporate sector: Mukesh Ambani

– Reliance remains India’s largest exporter with 8% of total merchandise exports with a value of Rs 147,755 crore: Mukesh Ambani

– Reliance paid 29,637 crore of customs and excise duty during the year, almost 5% of India’s total: Mukesh Ambani

– Reliance is the highest income tax payer in the private sector in India and paid Rs 8,880 crore as during the year: Mukesh Ambani

– We, at Reliance, congratulate the Government on its historic step of introducing the GST regime: Mukesh Ambani

GST brings uniformity in tax rates and enables India to fulfil One Nation One Tax, resulting in one unified market: Mukesh Ambani

– On such an occasion and in keeping with our founder to share prosperity with all shareholders the Board of Directors has decided to recommend a bonus issue in the ratio of 1:1: Mukesh Ambani

– This is the largest bonus issue, ever, in India: Mukesh Ambani

– We have commissioned our Paraxylene complex, making Jamnagar world’s largest manufacturing facility of Paraxylene: Mukesh Ambani

– Our projects will place Reliance as among the top 10 Petrochemical producers globally: Mukesh Ambani

– Our refining business continues to demonstrate exemplary performance: Mukesh Ambani

– We are proud to say that one in every ten Indians shops with us. This year, Reliance Retail crossed Rs 33,000 crores: Mukesh Ambani

– 371 new retail stores were opened last year, an unprecedented expansion in India by any retailer: Mukesh Ambani

– Every minute, 8 smartphones; every hour, 42 laptops and 68 TVs are sold at Reliance Digital: Mukesh Ambani

– In fuel retail, we re-commissioned 142 new outlets during the year: Mukesh Ambani

– Reliance Foundation has emerged as the largest corporate Foundation in India and reaches out to 12 million people: Mukesh Ambani

– Reliance Foundation has improved productivity of land for over 50,000 families and made 131 villages water-secure: Mukesh Ambani

– Reliance Foundation’s Education for All initiative now impacts the lives of 100,000 children: Mukesh Ambani

– Reliance Foundation is committed to creating opportunities for the youth to pursue a career in sports: Mukesh Ambani

– In its first year, Reliance Foundation Youth Sports reached 8 cities and reached over 2 million children: Mukesh Ambani

– I now want to share with you my vision for value creation at Reliance over the next decade: Mukesh Ambani

– One: [email protected] should aspire to become – and can certainly become – one of the three largest economies in the world: Mukesh Ambani

– Two: [email protected] will aspire to become – and will certainly become – one among the Top 50 companies in the world: Mukesh Ambani

– Three: Reliance’s future value-creation strategy will support tens of thousands of small and medium businesses: Mukesh Ambani

– Over the next decade, India has the potential to move from a $2.25 trillion economy to a $6 trillion economy: Mukesh Ambani

– I am confident that Reliance’s own growth over the next ten years and our contribution to the Indian economy will surpass what it has achieved in the past 40 years: Mukesh Ambani

– What took the West 300 years and China 30 years, India can achieve in just about a decade or two: Mukesh Ambani

– Our energy & materials businesses constitute a strong platform to reach EBITDA of Rs 100,000 crore in next few years: Mukesh Ambani

– Jio’s business and societal value will grow immensely over the next decade: Mukesh Ambani

– Jio will become India’s largest provider of data service, products and application platforms: Mukesh Ambani

– Reliance will build, within a decade, new businesses of the same value as our existing businesses: Mukesh Ambani

– As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our company, it will serve us well to recall our Founder’s words of wisdom: Mukesh Ambani

– What did Dhirubhai teach us? — Mukesh Ambani

Ambition. Still more ambition.
Initiative. Still more initiative.
Innovation. Still more innovation.
Team work.Still more team work

– My father also taught us to be humble. And to never forget that the nation expects a lot more from us in the future: Mukesh Ambani

– Today I assure the people of India that Reliance will do everything, and more, to meet the nation’s expectations: Mukesh Ambani

– As we march toward the Golden Jubilee of Reliance in 2027, I can confidently say that the Golden Decade of Reliance has begun: Mukesh Ambani

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