Watch: Indian Army blows up Pak Army’s admin headquarters, militants camps in PoK

New Delhi: Indian army targeted Pakistan army administrative Headquarters and some militants camps in Pak occupied Kashmir (PoK) along the Line of Control (LoC) near Poonch on Monday.

India’s response comes in retaliation to Pakistan’s mortar shelling, after Pakistan violated the ceasefire agreement.

Pakistan army administrative HQ had shelled mortars targeting Indian Army brigade headquarters along the LoC in of Poonch and Jhallas areas on October 23. It had used 105/106 mm shells, setting the store shelter on fire in the border Poonch district.

Watch the targeting of Pak admin HQ here

India exercises restraint

Despite continuous provocations from Pakistan, Indian Army has exercised maximum restraint. It has consciously avoided targeting civilian population in the towns of Hajira, Nikial and Samani, which are close to LoC from Pakistan’s side.

On Monday too, local residents said they had seen smoke emanating from the site but no civilians were hurt, ANI reported.

Pak shelling Indian outposts

Pakistan has ruled out possibility of war with india

On October 23, at approximately 10:35 AM, a barrel-type store shelter in Poonch was set ablaze due to Pakistan’s firing in the border district. According to army officers, 105/106 mm RCL caliber was used for the shelling.

283 PoK residents have crossed over to India

Since June this year, a total of 283 PoK residents have crossed over to the Indian side. Whereas, only eight Indians have been able to cross over PoK. Even when they do visit, there are under excessive restrictions and constant surveillance by Pak intelligence operatives.

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