Yeddyurappa’s resignation speech in Karnataka assembly: Top quotes

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Bengaluru: Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa resigned on Saturday before facing a crucial trust vote in the Karnataka Assembly with numbers stacked against the BJP in the newly elected House.

Highlights of Yeddyurappa’s speech:

* I cannot forget the love and respect of all those who voted for me: Yeddyurappa

* People have blessed us with 104 seats. The mandate wasn’t for Congress or JD(S): Yeddyurappa

* Siddaramaiah government was a failure. Congress and JDS attacked each other during elections but now want to form the government together. Congress has been rejected by the people. We rose from 40 to 104 seats: Yeddyurappa

* The funds given by Centre to Karnataka wasn’t rightly utilised: Yeddyurappa

* I have travelled throughout the state for the last two years and have seen pain on the faces of people. I can’t forget the love & affection I received from people: Yeddyurappa

* I promise that I will fight for the rights and welfare of the farmers and the weak till my last breath. My whole life has been a constant fight. I will continue to fight for what is right: BS Yeddyurappa

* If only people would have given us 113 seats instead of 104, we would have made this state a paradise: Yeddyurappa

* We will get 28 out of 28 seats in Lok Sabha: Yeddyurappa

* I will lose nothing if I lose power, my life is for the people: Yeddyurappa

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