Delhi woman throws 3-year-old son down the stairs, booked

Written by January 27, 2017 10:48

New Delhi, Jan 27: In a shocking incident, a woman fighting with her in-laws picked up her sleeping two-year-old son and flung him down the staircase of their house in southeast Delhi’s Pul Prahladpur area.


Sonu Gupta, 26, has been charged with attempted murder of her child in a complaint by her husband Nitin Gupta, a businessman.

Police reached the spot and took the complaint from the man, who also told them that he has a video recording of the said incident.

In the video, Sonu Gupta is seen shouting and getting increasingly agitated. She picks up the child sleeping next to her on the bed and rushes to the door. She is seen hurling him down the stairs in the middle of her screaming. Her in-laws then run down the stairs for the child.

The child, Anshu, has suffered head and face injuries and is being treated at the AIIMS hospital, say the police.