21 ISIS suspects who went ‘missing from Kerala’ to be launched in India

Written by January 6, 2017 18:29

New Delhi, Jan 6: The 21 persons from Kerala who went missing and who were suspected to have joined the ISIS are likely to be launched into India soon. On Thursday, there was a major breakthrough in this case, with the IB with the help of foreign agencies tracking the 21 persons to an ISIS camp in Jalalabad.


These persons were shifted to an ISIS run camp at Jalalabad in Afghanistan. IB officials say that these operatives comprising women too are likely to be launched into India after their training is complete. We are keeping a close watch says an officer with the Intelligence Bureau.

At first, it was believed that these persons were being trained in a bid to set up a strong module of the ISIS in Afghanistan. However, the indication now is that they are being trained to launch attacks in India.

Officials do not rule out the possibility of more such persons leaving India to train at camps in Afghanistan. These persons are either landing in the Gulf or Iran before they make their way into Afghanistan, officials say.

It has also been found that there are operatives from Bangladesh and Maldives who are part of this camp in Jalalabad. We are working closely with our counterparts in Afghanistan to nab these persons, Indian officials also state.

In June 2016, 21 persons from Kerala went missing. They had called their families and said that they had reached their final destination. At first, the Kerala police suspected that they may have joined the ISIS in Syria.

However, intelligence that trickled in from Iran indicated the presence of these persons in Afghanistan. Indian agencies then coordinated with their counterparts in Afghanistan and after months of tracking, it was found that they were settled in a camp in Jalalabad.