50 Indians on Interpol radar after they ‘joined’ ISIS in Afghanistan

Written by January 16, 2017 17:39

New Delhi, Jan 16: The Interpol has been alerted after Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials found that at least 50 persons from India had allegedly joined the ISIS in Afghanistan.


The ISIS camp in Nangarhar in Afghanistan is said to have at least 2,000 recruits from different parts of the world. However, Indian agencies are hot on the trail of Shajeer Abdullah believed to be the prime recruiter for the IS in Kerala.

Out of this, the IB suspects that there may be 50 Indians. The intelligence has already confirmed that the 21 persons who went missing from Kerala are part of this camp.

The agencies say that the recruitment had taken place through the social media. The social media account of Shajeer Abdullah from Kerala had come under the scanner. Abdullah who is also in Afghanistan currently is said to have used the social media to radicalize and recruit youth from Kerala.

His posts had called for a Holy War against the infidels. He also goes on to state that in order to serve Islam correctly, one needs to be part of the ISIS. He further went on to give tips on Jihad.

The IB says that there is a two-pronged strategy adopted by Abdullah. He gives youth the option of joining the outfit or staying back home and carrying out attacks. He repeatedly says that those who are unable to come to Afghanistan can stay back and carry out attacks.

He says that those wishing to serve the IS should carry out lone wolf attacks. It is very easy to make a petrol bomb. Make one and target the Hindus in your city, he further advises the recruits.