Are women misusing laws which are made to protect them?

Netizens have taken to social media seeking the arrest of the lady, because of whom Madhav and Harsh are in hospital.

Written by September 4, 2019 18:03

New Delhi: Constitution has provided us some rights and to protect them, judiciary has made some laws. But what will you do if someone misuses those laws and rights to harass you or even destroy your life and career? Laws are like double-edged weapons…. if it can protect you, it can harm you also.

Are women misusing the laws meant for their protection against men? 

In a recent incident that happened at Amity University a few days back has taken all over the internet. Youth and activists are speaking up and now they want justice for the victims Harsh Yadav and Madhav Chaudhary, who was thrashed and beaten brutally by a group of 20-25 goons in and out of the campus following the parking dispute with two girls. According to the victims, girls threaten them when asked them to move their car which was in the roadway.

Two cross FIRs have been lodged in the incident. According to the victim, girls have lodged an FIR against them, in which they have mentioned that Harsh and Madhav have tried to molest and threaten them.

What happened on that day?

According to the victim,  clashes broke out on August 28 around 2.30 pm, when Harsh Yadav and Madhav Chaudhary(victims) were about to enter the university in their i20 car and was looking to park it. when they allegedly found a Ford Endeavour oddly parked at the gate, blocking their way.

They requested the security guards at the gate to ask the girls sitting in the SUV to remove their car and make way. However, the car remained in its position and both the parties got into an argument. The Harsh Yadav and Madhav Chaudhary parked their vehicle elsewhere and then again confronted the girls, both of the girls started abusing and threatening them after which the argument escalated.

Harsh Yadav and Madhav Chaudhary after that went to attend their classes, but after a while, four to five male friends of the girl came and started abusing and assaulting them. The victims alleged that the suspects later assaulted them outside the campus as well, after which they approached the police.

“We recognised them — they were students enrolled in a different course. Our whole class witnessed the incident. They even tried to hit us with furniture,” Harsh said.

Here is the video of the victim narrating the story of what actually happened that day:

This is what happened when an independent journalist Deepika Bhardwaj tried to speak to Neeraj Malik, SHO, Sector 39 Noida police about AmityUniversity case:

In a conversation with Equal right Activist Barkha Trehan:

Barkha said that ‘girls have misused laws made to protect them. They have ruined victim’s career and life. Harsh Yadav and Madhav Chaudhary have been injured badly, one of them is in ICU and fighting for his life. They have been framed under false allegations and straightly girls have taken advantage of the law to demean them.

She also said ‘ it is have become common these days, that women are misusing the rights and laws which are made to protect them. There are many examples from the past that how false allegations have ruined the life of the victims. We are willing to fight for them and we will try to provide every help to the victim’s family, may it be financial or judicial.

Here’s how netizens are demanding justice on social media:

Demanding justice for the trio, netizens have taken to social media seeking the arrest of the lady, because of whom Madhav and Harsh are in hospital.