Army’s new strategy to overcome its biggest problem in Kashmir

Written by March 26, 2018 14:15

New Delhi: Indian Army’s problem in Kashmir is that the terrorists from Pakistan are fighting like trained soldiers. This has led to top minds in the security set up sitting down to device a new strategy to overcome this and ensure that the casualty rate is lowered to a large extent.

In the wake of the recent attacks, there have been several brainstorming sessions. It was pointed out that the terrorists have adopted a new style of fighting. They carry out the operation exactly as the Pakistan Army would.

terrorists fire at SSP cavalcade

There is an element of surprise, discipline coupled with determination on part of these terrorists which is making the battle harder.

The Indian Army has decided to come up with new strategies to counter the terrorists. The battle against the foreign terrorists is always tougher when compared to the locals, an Army officer told This is because the foreign terrorists are trained along with the Pakistan Army. The equipment, gear and the training remain identical to what a soldier in the Pakistan army is imparted, the officer also said.

The change in strategy was discussed following a recent attack in Kashmir in which three Armymen and two policemen were martyred. It was found that it was due to the discipline and rigorous training imparted that terrorists from Pakistan are able to engage the Indian Army for several days. In the latest encounter, the gun-battle went on for three days.

The meeting also discussed the fresh intelligence input which speaks about a new batch of 40 terrorists waiting to infiltrate into the Valley. All these are terrorists of the Jaish-e-Mohammad. They were all trained at a Pakistan Army facility and are now waiting to be launched into the Valley.

The Intelligence Bureau report also says that the terrorists would look to enter into Kupwara. This is the preferred route that terrorists are using off late. This place is close to the Line of Control and is also laced with jungles which makes hiding easier.

The IB report says that the days to come would witness more foreign terrorists trying to make an infiltration bid. It is being done with an intention of getting as many terrorists into the Valley and wage a long battle with the Indian Army.