How crucial intelligence led to killing of Amarnath yatra attackers

Written by December 5, 2017 12:54

New Delhi: In the month of July 2017, terrorists of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba carried out a ghastly attack on the Amarnath yatra. The attack was a desperate one and an unwritten code of not to strike at the yatra was broken.

Today, the Indian Army wiped out the group that carried out the attack. In an encounter in South Kashmir three terrorists were killed in an encounter while one who was injured has been captured. The information that he would be giving out will be crucial for the investigators.

After the attack, the first thing that was done was to identify the mastermind. Based on the investigations it was found that Abu Ismail was the one who led and masterminded the attack. Ismail was leading the Lashkar-e-Tayiba in Kashmir and it was very concrete evidence that led up the forces up to him. On September 14, Ismail was killed in an encounter.

A top official said that following the death of Ismail, the group comprising Abu Mavia, Fukran and the Yawar Basir went underground. There was no movement from their side and they were ordered to remain underground. It had become a blind case, said an official.

However the first signs of their whereabouts were picked up when Fukran received a call from Pakistan directing him to take over the outfit. The Lashkar-e-Tayiba had become headless following the death of Ismail and their operations had started to slow down. The entire group led by Fukran had moved between North and South Kashmir several times.

It was however last week that the Intelligence picked up a very crucial intercept which pinpointed their location. Further, another intercept of this group planning an attack was picked up. An encounter broke out on Monday when this group opened fire on an Army convoy at Qazigund on the Jammu-Srinagar highway.

Investigators say that the fourth terrorist who was caught alive was identified as Rahid Ahmad Allai. He had joined the group only recently and hence his role in the yatra attack is not clear as yet. Based on the intercepts picked up during the Qazigund operation, he was traced to a maternity hospital from where he had been arrested. His interrogation is crucial as he could provide leads about the groups activities in Kashmir, officials also say.