How Dawood empire got destroyed by the same ISI that created it

Written by January 1, 2018 14:36

New Delhi: Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has reportedly taken over the Dawood Ibrahim syndicate.

With the news of Chhota Shakeel’s death now confirmed, the ISI first vacated his family from the Karachi bungalow. Shakeel used to reside in Karachi at – D-48, 15th Lane, Khayaban-Seher, DHA Colony.

After his death on January 6, 2017, the ISI moved his daughter Zoya to South Africa. She is currently living in the penthouse that Shakeel had purchased a few years back at Johannesburg.

Shakeel’s second wife, Ayesha was moved to the Lahore cantonment, while his first wife’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Meanwhile, Dawood, who was admitted to hospital in a critical condition last year has recovered, but continues to be immobile.

The death of Shakeel and the news of Dawood’s son becoming a Maulana further worsened his condition which set the stage for a take over of the syndicate. The syndicate is currently being run by Rahim Merchant who has been acting as impersonator of Shakeel.

Sources say that Dawood hardly travels out of Pakistan. The last few trips he has made are to Mecca where he performs the annual hajj. He currently holds passports of St Kitts, Malawi, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

The recent developments have sent the entire underworld especially in Mumbai into a tizzy. Frantic efforts are being made to discredit the news of Shakeel’s death and Dawood’s health condition.

The ISI is said to have ordered a hit job on Shakeel as it felt he was beyond their control. The ISI-Dawood link was more monetary and the profits were shared on a 60:40 basis. With Shakeel playing hardball, the ISI felt that it was better to get him out of the way and take complete control of the business.

Recently, an audio clip too did the rounds where in a former aide of Shakeel is heard telling a person in Mumbai that the death was confirmed. The audio conversation between Shakeel’s aide Bilal and a person called Salim Fruit spoke about Shakeel’s death. Bilal further tells Salim that he should take control or else all the money made by Shakeel will be lost. It was later found that Merchant had taken over the business and also Shakeel’s money.

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