Here is how fake Rs 2,000 notes are being brought in

Written by February 20, 2017 19:12

New Delhi, Feb 20: The Rawalpindi module may have printed at least Rs 1,000 crore worth of fake currency in the past month, Intelligence Bureau officials suspect. The pattern in which the notes are being printed and sent indicate that there is a huge consignment of the new Rs 2,000 fake notes awaiting to be off loaded in India.

cash-1The route that the racketeers are taking is also interesting. Amanullah and Khaliq, the prime players in this racket were given Pakistan passports. The notes are printed in Rawalpindi and it is taken to Dubai. The accused persons took flight number 334 to Dubai from Pakistan. Form there they boarded flight 583 to Dhaka in Bangladesh. From there they hired mules to drop off the consignment at Malda in West Bengal.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that the other routes that are being taken are through Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Thailand and Malaysia. These have become major hubs and transit points for the fake currency racket.

Intelligence Bureau officials complain that the local police in West Bengal reacts very slowly to this problem. The racket in Malda is a growing one and despite alerts and warnings, the local police have been slow to act. We have been pointing out to them about the routes and also the modules, but action has been slow to come by, the IB officer also says. Malda has become the only landing point for fake currency and this racket is on since the past 6 years now, the officer also points out.

The other worry is that the ISI sponsored network has managed to replicate most of the security features on the new Rs 2,000 note. In December the fake notes seized showed that 6 out of the 17 security features had been replicated. The number then went up to 11 and as of today as per the latest seizure the number stands at 12, officers informed.