For Siddaramaiah, option to contest from another seat still open

Written by April 10, 2018 09:34

Bengaluru: With negative reports emerging about the chances of Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah winning from Chamundeshwari, the Congress has said that the option to contest from another seat remains open.


The other option for the CM would be Badami and it is now up to him to take that option, top Congress sources in Karnataka informed. Siddaramaiah has been told by party leaders in north Karnataka to chose a seat from that region.

They feel that it would add strength to the campaign of the Congress in the region. The north Karnataka region has been a traditional stronghold of the BJP. Multiple surveys have shown that the BJP surge in Karnataka would take place from both North Karnataka and the coastal region.

Siddaramaiah had however recently said that he would be contesting only from Chamundeshwari. In the past few days, there have been multiple reports suggesting that the CM is in for a tough fight in Chamundeshwari. His opponent G T Deve Gowda of the JD(S) is a two time MLA and is a very strong candidate. In the constituency which has 2.5 lakh voters, there are 75,000 from the Vokkaliga community who traditionally have backed the JD(S).

minority status for Lingayats

With these reports emerging there are deliberations in the Congress on whether the CM should opt for another seat. A final decision in this regard would be taken on Thursday following a meeting of the Central Election Committee of the Congress.

On the other hand, the Congress is yet to release its list of candidates. Party sources had indicated that the first list would be released on April 15. While the names of around 130 candidates have been finalized, the remaining names would be finalized in a meeting to be held today.

Senior Congress leader, Madhusudan Mistry is overseeing this process and in the past month met with several persons from all regions of the state. All sitting MLAs are expected to get tickets. However the there are 30 sitting MLAs who are doubtful of getting a chance to contest owing to a Congress survey. The survey says that the chance of these 30 MLAs winning is remote.

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