Former Hizbul chief calls for attacks on Gau Rakshaks

Written by June 6, 2017 19:43

New Delhi, June 6: Kill the Gau Rakshaks – was the new message from Zakir Musa, the terrorist who recently fell out with the Hizbul Mujahideen. A holy war against Gau Rakshaks or cow vigilante groups must be launched, he said in a four minute audio clip.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that the clip is being verified. The authenticity of the same would be made known once, we verify the clip, the officer also said.

Just see how much blood is being spilt in the name of cow protection, he also said. We will take revenge for every atrocity, the man believed to be Musa said in the clip. There is still time for Muslims to emerge and fight these atrocities, he also stated.

Form groups and do jihad against these kafirs (infidels). Show these gau rakshaks what it means being a Muslim. Learn from your history, he also added.

This war is not in Kashmir alone. This is between Islam and infidelity, he also said. Not just in India, but the rule of the Shariat shall be established in every part of India, he also said.