Has Siddaramaiah decided to dump Chamundeshwari

Written by April 13, 2018 10:32

Bengaluru: Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah is likely to stick to a safe seat in the May 12 assembly elections.

Although he had said at first that he would contest from Chamundeshwari, where he has won five times, now it appears that he has changed his mind.

He has now convinced the B B Chimmankatti, the Badami MLA to vacate his seat. The MLA who was reluctant at first was convinced following a marathon meeting.

The high command had advised Siddaramaiah not to contest from Chamundeshwari as the seat was unsafe owing to a strong candidate of the JD(S), G T Deve Gowda. Moreover, there is an anti Vokkaliga sentiment against Siddaramaiah which made the seat unsafe.

minority status for Lingayats

Siddaramaiah had suggested to the high command that he could contest from both constituencies, but the proposal was shot down. He was asked to choose between the two constituencies and make his decision known to the high command.

Taking into account all the negative feedback, Siddaramaiah apparently decided that he would contest from Badami. This constituency has a high number of Kuruba voters the community Siddaramaiah belongs to.


The Congress also feels that as he contests from Badami it would better the chances of the party in North Karnataka where the BJP is very strong. The Congress list of candidates is expected to be released today.