#HowdyModi: Time for decisive war against those who support terror, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Houston to address 50,000 Indian-Americans for the big-ticket ‘Howdy, Modi!’ event where US President Donald Trump will be joining him to address a mega rally.

Written by September 22, 2019 08:48

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi addressed the mega event of 50,000 Indian-Americans at the NRG Football Stadium in Houston. US President Donald Trump also joined PM Modi to address the first-ever joint rally with Indian Prime Minister. With 50,000 people in attendance, ‘Howdy Modi’ has turned out to be the biggest ever gathering for a foreign leader visiting the US.

Modi in Houston Live Updates:

PM Modi addresses to 50,000+ Indian-American at NRG Stadium:

# We are investing Rs 100 lakh crore on public infrastructure. In the last five years, the world, amidst all uncertainties, India’s growth rate has been 7.5%. This is the best average of any govt in India’s entire history.

# India has started preparing and working to become a $5 Trillion economy. We are working on bettering infrastructure, investment & export.

# We are building a people-friendly, development-friendly and investment-friendly atmosphere in India.

# India, today, isn’t postponing challenges, it is fighting it head on. India isn’t working on small incremental changes, but on complete solutions.

# 9/11 in the US or the Mumbai attacks in India, the brainchild is always found in the same place.

# It is high time we fight a decisive battle against the perpetrators and supporters of terrorism.

# Some people, who can’t control their country, are having problems with what is going on in India. Their politics is hatred towards India and cultivate terrorism.

# We have also eliminated over 8 crore fake names, that had only existed on paper and were earning the Govt’s benefits. We have saved about 1.5 lakh crore money by just this elimination.

# In the last 2-3 years, India has bid goodbye to over 3.5 lakh suspicious companies.

# India has already bid farewell to over 1500 redundant laws in the last five years. The complicated tax network has been diluted and GST has been introduced.

# We have given equal priority to welfare and farewell. On the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on this Oct 2, India will bade goodbye to open defecation.

# Filing tax returns and tax returns were a headache at one point of time. This year, on Aug 31, 5 million people have filled their income tax return online.

# There are about 10,000 services from Central and State Govts online. It took months, in the past, to make a passport. These days, it just takes a few days.

# It is often said that data is the new oil. I would like to add that data is the new gold. Industry 4.0 focuses only on data.

# India provides data at the cheapest rate in the entire world.

# Ease of Doing Business and Ease of Living is equally important to us. Employment is key to this.

# The economic development will be swift if the country’s youth has employment:

# In India, cooking gas connection was just at 55% in the past. It has been raised to 95% in the last five years.

# Rural road connectivity was also at 55% only. In the last five years, we have taken it to 97%.

# In seven decades, the country’s rural sanitation was at 38%. In the last five years, we made 11 crore toilets.

# Today, India wants to grow at a faster speed than ever before. It is challenging the people who think nothing is going to change, ever.

# “We are challenging ourselves. We are changing ourselves. Today, India wants to go ahead at a greater pace. Today, India is challenging those who believe nothing can change,”

# The 2019 LS elections waved the flag of Indian democracy throughout the world.

# 61 crore people participated in it. This is approximately double the total population of the US.

# Unity in Diversity is our emblem. It is the basic fabric of our vibrant democracy.

# This is our power and our inspiration. The 50,000 Indians present in this stadium today are representatives of our great heritage

# Our languages are a great representation of our liberal and democratic society. For centuries, thousands of languages have peacefully co-existed in India.

# “I am an ordinary man working on the instructions of 130 crore Indians,”

# The arrival of President Trump and other leaders of America and speaking highly of India is the respect bestowed to the achievements of Indians living in America. It is the respect bestowed to 130 billion Indians.

# I welcome all of you on behalf of every Indian with my heartiest wishes. I was told that a lot of people registered for this event, but due to space crunch, a lot of people could not make it. I apologise to everyone who could not make it to the event

US President addresses to fully packed NRG Stadium:

# The formation of New India is India’s biggest oath at the moment. The nation is working very hard to realize the dream.

# “India will hold joint military exercise Tiger Triumph…good name,” said Trump.

# “Soon Indians will access to NBA Basketball. People will gather in Mumbai to watch first NBA game in India,”

# India has never invested in Unites States like it is doing today, and I want to say it is reciprocal because we are doing the same thing in India

# “We are committed to ensure Indians have access to the world’s best products,”

# As a result of PM Modi’s pro-growth policies, India has lifted nearly 300 million out of poverty, and that is an incredible number

# “My administration fights for you every day,” said Trump. “Indian Americans, you enrich our culture, you uplift our values, we are proud to have as Americans,” he added.

PM Modi on Donald Trump:

# We in India connected well with President Trump and with the words of candidate Trump, ‘Ab ki baar Trump sarkar’, rang loud and clear: PM Modi

# We have met a few times, and every time he has been the same warm, friendly, energetic and accessible. I admire him also for his sense of leadership and passion for America: PM Modi

Donald Trump and PM Modi on stage at NRG stadium:

PM Modi thanks Houston for rousing reception:

Bird’s eye view of NRG stadium, Houston

# Donald Trump emplanes for Houston to attend ‘Howdy, Modi!’ mega event

US President Donald Trump on Sunday (local time) emplaned for Houston, Texas where he will join Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the “Howdy, Modi” gala event.

Trump will address the Indian diaspora at the “Howdy Modi: Shared Dreams, Bright Futures” event at 9:30 pm (IST), according to the White House.

# ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ rings out at Howdy Modi event

Chants of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ resonated at Houston’s NRG Stadium as Indians begin to arrive for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mega-event, where US President Donald Trump will join him.

“We are excited to see Modi, hear from him, and get words of wisdom from him because he is an inspiration for the country and people around the globe,” an attendee said.

#Indian-Americans started gathering outside NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, to attend #HowdyModi event.

# Daniel Yergin,Vice Chairman,IHS Markit, on Round table meeting of PM Modi with oil sector CEOs

Mike Train, President Emerson Electric Co on PM Modi’s round table meeting

# Sindhi activist, Zafar, speaks of human rights violations by Pak.

# We thanked PM on behalf of the 700,000 Kashmiri Pandits, says Surinder Kaul

# PM Modi held round table meeting with energy sector CEOs in Houston.

# Prime Minister Narendra Modi joins in reciting ‘Namaste Sharade Devi’ shloka while the Kashmiri Pandits meeting and interacting with him also recite it, in Houston.

# United States: Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets and interacts with a delegation of Kashmiri Pandits, in Houston.

# United States: Members of Bohra community meet and interact with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in Houston. They also felicitated the Prime Minister.

# Submitted memorandum & thanked Modi ji for what he has done for Sikh community

# Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with members of Sikh community in Houston 

# Tellurian & Petronet signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 

Houston: Tellurian & Petronet signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for upto 5 Million Tonnes of LNG through equity investment in Driftwood. The two companies will aim to finalise the transaction agreements by 31 March, 2020. (Image source: Tellurian’s Twitter handle)

# Unites States: Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the CEOs from the energy sector in Houston.

# PM gets a warm welcome in Houston

Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a warm welcome by the Indian community upon his arrival in Houston where he is scheduled to address at the mega ‘Howdy Modi!’ event.

# PM received by Director, Trade and International Affairs, Christopher Olson and other officials

# PM Narendra Modi arrives in Houston, Texas