If you are in Bengal, speak Bangla: Mamata’s stern message to outsiders

“I respect all states. When I go to Bihar, UP, and Punjab, I speak in their language. If you are in Bengal you have to speak Bangla. I will not let Bengal become like Gujarat, ” said Mamata.

Written by June 14, 2019 19:26

New Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Friday insisted that those living in West Bengal will have to learn to speak in Bengali as she accused the BJP of targeting Bengalis and minorities to replicate the “Gujarat model” to capture power in the state.

Blaming BJP of perpetrating violence, the TMC chief also said that she will not allow West Bengal to become like Gujarat.

Mamata Banerjee

“I respect all states. When I go to Bihar, UP, and Punjab, I speak in their language. If you are in Bengal you have to speak Bangla. We have to bring Bangla forward. I will not tolerate criminals who stay in Bengal and roam around on bikes. I will not let Bengal become like Gujarat,” Banerjee said while addressing party workers here.

“In Gujarat, riots happened. People were killed in large numbers,” she added.

Invoking Mahatma Gandhi, Banerjee claimed that he spent “maximum time” in Bihar and West Bengal.

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“Gandhiji is from Gujarat. When India got independent, he was in Bengal. He was trying to stop riots between Hindus and Muslims. Gandhiji spent maximum time here and in Bihar,” she said.

Alleging that BJP is doing caste-based politics and propagating religious polarisation, Banerjee claimed that the party gave money to the criminals to instigate violence.

“BJP is giving money to the criminals daily for instigating violence and disturbing peace here. The CPM was also no different. They attacked our workers when they were in power,” she said.

Terming ballot papers as the only solution, she claimed that EVMs were pre-programmed and questioned pre-result statements of BJP leaders’ claiming over 300 seats.

“How did they easily say that they will win so many seats? The EVMs were pre-programmed. Machines were tampered. Even the EVMs which were replaced for the faulty ones were pre-programmed. Ballot is the only solution for a democracy. This will be our movement,” Banerjee said.

The political temperature in West Bengal continues to be high ever since BJP made deep inroads in the state after winning 18 seats and limiting TMC to 22 seats in the recently concluded national elections.

Widespread violence involving the BJP and the TMC was witnessed during Lok Sabha elections in the state, with both parties trading blame over the issue.

The polls have come to a close, but the two parties are still at loggerheads with instances of political violence marring the state. (ANI)