Kerala ISIS operatives are in Jalalabad, says IB

Written by January 5, 2017 13:27

New Delhi, Jan 5: The 22 persons from Kerala who had gone missing are now settled in an ISIS camp at Jalalabad in Afghanistan.

ISIS sympathisers under radar

Indian intelligence agencies have been tracking these persons ever since they went missing from Kerala. Sources tell that the ISIS runs a camp at Jalalabad and these persons have been shifted there.

22 persons from Kerala left the country in separate batches between June and July 2016. Some of these persons told their families that they had reached their final destination. They however did not reveal exactly where they were. These persons hailed from Kasargod and Pallakkad in Kerala.

At first, the Kerala police suspected that they may have joined the ISIS in Syria. However intelligence that trickled in from Iran indicated the presence of these persons in Afghanistan. Indian agencies then coordinated with their counterparts in Afghanistan and after months of tracking it was found that they were settled in a camp in Jalalabad.

The ISIS has been nurturing ambitions in Afghanistan. Although it has not met with much success, it is attempting to set up several camps with a majority of the operatives being from India. The Indian operatives too have preferred joining the camps in Afghanistan due to proximity to India and similar cultures.