My fight against black money, corruption won’t stop: PM Modi

Avatar Written by January 2, 2017 14:50

Lucknow, Jan 2: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addresses a massive rally in Lucknow.



* Have never seen such a big rally in my political career: PM Modi

* Never got the opportunity to address such a big crowd before: PM Modi

* This rally clearly shows the political future in Uttar Pradesh: PM Modi

* Lucknow is the Karmabhoomi of Atal Ji. Atal Ji has fully devoted himself to the nation. He has a special affection for Lucknow: PM Modi

* For 14 years, Uttar Pradesh was living in an exile, deprived of progress and development: PM Modi

* BJP set to end 14-year long exile in Uttar Pradesh this year: PM Modi

* The progress of the nation depends on the progress of Uttar Pradesh: PM Modi

*If Kalyan Singh Ji is seeing sight from Jaipur, I am sure he will be very happy: PM Modi

* From the time we have come to power, we have given more than 1 lakh crore rupees to the UP Govt for progress each year: PM Modi

* But in these 2 and a half years, there are no signs of development in this state. None of the govts are ready to take the responsibility: PM Modi

* I request you to rise above cast politics and vote for Uttar Pradesh. Then you will witness how Uttar Pradesh will change: PM Modi

* Work done by Kalyan Singh ji, Ram Prakash ji and Rajnath ji is still admired by people of UP: PM Modi

* To transform India, the first precondition is to transform Uttar Pradesh: PM Modi

* The current situation of Uttar Pradesh has to change, and hence we have organised this ‘parivartan rally’: PM Modi

* Opposition says, ‘Remove Modi’ but I say, ‘Remove Corruption’. Now the people need to decide what they want to do: PM Modi

* I want you all to vote for the development of Uttar Pradesh, forgetting all caste and creed: PM Modi

* When have you seen SP & BSP talking in 1 voice? Its rare to happen but on our decision to end corruption they are speaking in one voice: PM

* People of UP have to decide whether those busy saving their black money and family can save the state: PM Modi

* I assure you, give us an opportunity & we will uproot hooliganism from Uttar Pradesh: PM Modi

* BJP is the only party which wants to save Uttar Pradesh: PM Modi

* The mobile app BHIM is named after Babasaheb Ambedkar: PM Modi

* Will politics stoop so low? Why were some people troubled when we launched a mobile app after Bhimrao Ambedkar: PM Modi

* After 30 years, the nation has elected a govt which believes that public is its high-command. This govt is answerable to the people: PM Modi

* Our high command is the people of India. We have no other high command: PM Modi

* This fight against black money and corruption will continue till we eliminate these menaces from the country completely: PM Modi

* For BJP, the 2017 elections of Uttar Pradesh are not about winning or losing, but a matter of responsibility: PM Modi

* ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas’, is what we have to focus on as this is the election of responsibility for BJP: PM Modi

* My fight against blackmoney and corruption is not going to stop: PM

– SP and BSP ruined UP: Amit Shah

Addressing the ‘Maha Parivartan’ rally at Ramabai Sthal here, Shah said the state had been ruined by both the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the Samajwadi Party.

The time had come to change the destiny of the country’s most populous state, he said.

Take potshots at the ongoing feud in the Samajwadi Party, Shah said the “chacha” and “bhatija” were squabbling while the development of the state had taken a backseat.

And referring to BSP chief Mayawati, he said even the “bua” had not contributed positively to the state and it was because of these two parties that Uttar Pradesh remained backward.

He said an all-round development of Uttar Pradesh would become possible only when the BJP was voted to power.