Kumaraswamy govt falls, loses trust vote in Assembly; BJP may stake claim

Written by July 23, 2019 19:30

New Delhi: Amid the repeated chaos and noises of horse-trading, the Karnataka assembly is witnessing trust vote today evening.

Kumaraswamy-led government will get ousted from power, if it loses the Trust Vote in assembly.

# Congress leader HK Patil: Congress-JD(S) failed trust vote. This defeat is because of betrayal of our party legislatures, we have come under the influence of various things. I am people of Karnataka will not tolerate this type of betrayal to the Party.

# BS Yeddyurappa, BJP: It is victory of democracy. People were fed up with Kumaraswamy government. I want to assure people of Karnataka that a new era of development will start now.


# Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar announces the floor test in the Karnataka assembly

# The speaker proposes voice vote while BJP MLA BS Yeddyurappa insists for a division of votes.

The curtains have finally come down on the 4-5 day long drama that rocked the Assembly, ever since the MLAs rebelled against the state government.

We will go for trust vote today: Kumaraswamy

Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy continues his reply to motion of confidence in the state assembly.

“I am not going to run away after speech; we will go for vote and let the votes be counted. My government is not shameless, he said.