NDTV raids: CBI says it fully respects freedom of press

Written by June 7, 2017 08:48

New Delhi, June 7: CBI has said, it fully respects the freedom of press and is committed to the free functioning of news operations.

It said, denigrating the allegations at the stage of investigation and wrongly accusing the agency of acting under pressure is uncalled for and is an attempt to malign its image.

In a statement on the raids on promoters of NDTV, CBI clarified that searches were carried out at the premises of NDTV and their offices based on search warrants issued by the Court.

The clarification came in the backdrop of allegations leveled by the NDTV against the CBI following the raids. CBI registered the case based on the complaint of a share holder of ICICI bank and NDTV after carrying out due diligence.