No more late trains! Railways taking these steps to ensure punctuality

New Delhi: Taking cognizance of the delay in arrival & departure of trains and the problems faced by commuters, the Indian Railways has come up with a two-stage new plan to ensure punctuality.

The Railways Ministry has planned grading of trains on the basis of the minutes by which they have been delayed.

A presentation was recently made to the Railway Board which proposed grading of long-distance and short-distance train on following parameters.

Punctuality standards for Long distance trains:

Less than 10 minutes late – Excellent
Delayed by 10-20 minutes – Very good
Delayed by 20-40 minutes – Good
Delayed by 40 min – 2 hours – Fair
Delayed by over 2 hours – Bad

Punctuality standards for Short distance trains:

5 min late: A grade
15 minutes late: B grade
30 minutes late: C grade
45 minutes late: D grade
Less than 90 minutes late: E grade
Over 90 minutes late: F grade

Apart from grading of trains, the Railway Board also proposes another set of measures to ensure punctuality of trains. Some of them are as follows:

# Fencing of Rail tracks to avoid accidents/mishaps
# Doing away with unmanned level crossings
# Decreasing halt timings of trains at platforms
# Use of dataloggers for automatic feed of train numbers and timings in the control office application.

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