Now, Delhi Sikhs can get married under Anand Marriage Act

Written by February 10, 2018 12:33

New Delhi: In Delhi, Sikh marriages can now be registered under the Anand Marriage Act instead of the Hindu Marriage Act. Revenue Minister of Delhi Kailash Gahlot tweeted  on Friday that state Govt has notified the Delhi Anand Marriages Rules, 2018.

As per the notification, the Anand Marriage Act will be registered with the Registrar under whose jurisdiction the marriage is solemnised or either the party resides.

The notification was issued, days after Lt Governor Anil Baijal gave his approval for the implementation of the new marriage act. The registration fee under the Anand Marriage Act is 500 rupees.

It was a long-pending demand of the Sikh community. Sikh groups had maintained that members of the community used to face problems abroad as their certificates were issued under the Hindu Marriage Act. Earlier, the Anand Marriage Act was passed by the Centre.