Now, life term for those found guilty of cow slaughter in Gujarat

Written by March 31, 2017 16:13

Gandhinagar, Mar 31: Gujarat Assembly today passed the Gujarat Animal Preservation (Amendment) Bill, 2017 unopposed in absence of opposition members.


vijay-rupani-1This bill has more stringent provision against the Cow slaughtering and cow transportation for slaughtering. According to the provisions of this bill, the Cow transportation will be possible only with permit issued by Government authority.

Transportation during night hours will not allowed even with permit. Only 7 officials are notified for issuance of permit contrary to 25 earlier. Minimum 10 year imprisonment to life term jail punishment for those proven guilty of slaughtering cow.

tweetsIn addition to this, minimum Rs. 1 lakh to maximum Rs. 5 lakh fine is liable. Slaughtering of cow will now be a non-bailable offense. Illegal Transportation of bovine or storage, selling, possession or transportation of cow beef or its products will attract 7 to 10 years imprisonment with Rs. 1 to 10 lakh fine.

Vehicle used for illegal cow transportation will be seized permanently by the Government. Earlier the government could keep such vehicles only for six months.

The Gujarat government earlier had imposed a complete ban on cow-slaughter, transportation and selling of cow-beef by amending the erstwhile Gujarat Animal Preservation Act of 1954, in 2011. Since then, the crimes related to cow slaughter in Gujarat are covered under the Gujarat Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act of 2011.

Under this Act, the people found involved in cow-slaughtering and related crimes are penalised with Rs. 50,000 fine and a jail term up to seven years.